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Blüm Agency helps brands bloom with digital marketing strategy and data-based design. We’re a digital marketing agency for small and medium sized businesses, and we aim to support business owners in our local communities.


To be the leading digital marketing agency and resource for small and local businesses by curating a vetted network of creative professionals.


To employ a global community of highly qualified creatives empowering each other to grow thriving communities and the next generation of brands.




From answering any questions to always providing honest and fair estimates, we can help your brand bloom with expertise and integrity.



Supporting local business owners and entrepreneurs with digital marketing to promote their businesses and create thriving communities.



Providing creative ideas and approaches to digital marketing through listening, brainstorming, and strategizing.



Flexible hours for all employees, because our best work may or may not happen between 9am to 5pm.


Alexa Brachvogel, MBA

Owner and Founder

I moved to San Diego for college in 2012 and experienced working for small businesses in various marketing and sales positions. After graduating from USD with a BBA in International Business and a BA in Spanish, I pursued supplementary certifications in search engine optimization, user experience design, and the Google Business Suite programs (Ads, Analytics, Search Console, etc). I continued working in digital marketing after graduation, and picked up consulting projects on the side over the course of a few years. While working on my MBA, I decided to start my own digital marketing agency using knowledge and skills from previous positions, certifications, and consulting experience. In September 2018, I started Blüm Agency to help small and medium-sized businesses bloom, with the goal of providing opportunity for women in creative professions to work remotely and get paid fairly. My goal is to grow Blüm Agency into a global workforce of remote female creative professionals, empowered to continue learning and creating, without compromising personal relationships or professional trajectory.


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