3 Options for Affordable Digital Marketing Help

3 Options for Affordable Digital Marketing Help

Affordable digital marketing options can seem few and far between, whether you’re first starting a business or you’ve been around for a few years. If it seems like marketing support costs you more money than you’re making and you’re having trouble finding the answers you need online, you’re in the right place. Digital marketing isn’t always cheap, but it also doesn’t have to break the bank. In this blog post, we talk about three resources you can use to get affordable digital marketing help for your business.

1) Google

The first place people typically turn for answers is a quick Google search. Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day, and with each of those 3.5 billion searches, there’s likely to be at least one page of results. Even if there’s only one page of search results (very likely there are hundreds), that’s a lot of content to sort through to find the answers you’re looking for.

Google is free, so it’s obviously an easy option to utilize and a good starting point for most queries. The downside is that there’s not a lot of quality control for which articles make it to the top of the SERP, or search engine results page.

For example, have you ever tried searching for a local restaurant by typing “restaurant,” and then been served 14 paid advertisements on top of limitless results? All of these Google search results will give you very different information on restaurants, and it may not be the information you’re looking for based on your interests and location. After your initial search, you likely add more words to clarify exactly what you’re looking for, like “best local restaurants near me” or “Thai food restaurant San Diego.” Eventually, you narrow the search results down and find the information you’re looking for, but it can take some time.

This same example applies to digital marketing. Maybe you have a question on how to choose an email marketing software for your business. The search term “email marketing” won’t get you too far, and you’ll end up reading a lot of opinions from strangers with different business needs. If you’re interested in internet rabbit holes, this can be fun. But if you’re a busy entrepreneur with a growing to-do list, it’s not ideal.

Pro: The most affordable digital marketing option.

Con: Can be difficult to navigate without extensive research.

2) Hubspot

In terms of affordable digital marketing, Hubspot is another great option. Like Google, there’s a lot of content. But unlike Google, Hubspot’s content library is specifically tailored to help marketing professionals. Hubspot’s primary service offering is a CRM tool, but they also offer supplementary marketing education content and free certifications.

If you’re looking to do a deep dive into digital marketing for DIY in your own business, Hubspot is a perfect place to start. That being said, Hubspot may not take you all the way. You’ll get content more directly related to your question than a blanket Google search, but because Hubspot serves a wide audience, your question will get a broad answer.

Pro: Pre-filtered digital marketing content.

Con: Not always personalized enough to get you the answers you need.

3) Blüm Agency

Buckle down for little bit of self-promotion. Here at Blüm Agency, we want to be a resource for small business owners everywhere. That means working with every budget. We have multiple affordable digital marketing options for small business owners to get support, no matter your budget.

We offer ABC E-Courses and virtual workshops to teach the basics of digital marketing in a workshop format, and we recently launched our Tech Support program for personalized digital marketing support.

Text Support is a monthly subscription service where you can either subscribe to get digital marketing support each month via text, or purchase a-la-carte questions. Text Support is $10 per month for 3 Q&A sessions, and a-la-carte questions are $5 each. There’s no monthly commitment, so you can cancel any time. If you’re looking for personalized answers and having a hard time finding them on the internet, we can help.

Text Support is the perfect solution for affordable digital marketing support – especially for entrepreneurs – because it combines customization with quick and easy answers. If you’re averaging 5 frantic Google searches and 60 minutes to fix a digital marketing problem, this option is for you. Text us your questions, and get personalized answers and guidance to address whatever’s happening in your business. Plus, get instant peace of mind the second you send the text.

Pro: Customized answers & guidance addressing the exact problem you’re having.

Con: It’s affordable, but it’s not free.

You can learn more about Text Support here. And if you’re sold on it, you can subscribe below.

Subscribe Now – $10/Month, Cancel Any Time

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