3 Ways to Kickstart Your Digital Marketing

3 Ways to Kickstart Your Digital Marketing

If you’re adopting the “new year, new you” mindset this January, you’re most likely applying it to other areas of your life besides business. But to start the new year right, it’s time to apply the same thinking to your digital marketing.

Ready to dive in? Here are thee ways to kickstart your digital marketing in January, and throughout 2019.

1) Stop putting it off.

Whatever your “it” is, now is the time to get it done. Most likely, this is a chore or project that requires a large investment of time, money, or energy. Instead of putting it off this week, month, or year, start the new year off right by knocking out a major to-do. Not everything can get done overnight, but by taking steps in the direction to cross the project off your list, you’ll have more brain power to devote to the projects that excite you. Or the fires that pop up in the day-to-day.

If your digital marketing to-do is a big project like a website redesign, working on your SEO, updating your logo, or thinking about your overarching content strategy, we’re here to help. Contact us for support to knock out your top-priority digital marketing needs.

2) Choose your platforms wisely.

Regardless of your industry, maintaining a digital presence is key to attracting new customers. For e-commerce businesses and physical products and storefronts alike, we recommend setting up listings on popular platforms like Yelp and Google My Business first. These two directories both allow your business to appear in targeted local search results, and they show customer feedback and average ratings to build trust with prospective customers. If people searching for your product or service can’t find your hours and location online, you’re missing out on business.

Beyond Yelp and Google My Business, choosing which social media platforms to invest time and energy into is important. Social media enables you to connect with current customers and establish relationships with an even broader audience – whether that means local, regional, national or global. The ideal social media platform for your brand depends on your target audience, and should also inform your content strategy.

Use the table below to find out where your target audience spends the most time online. Questions on how to define your target audience? Comment below or contact us for more info!

Blüm Agency Digital Marketing Social Media Users Statistics

3) Invest in branding your content.

Branded content – whether through text in your brand voice or logos and a specific color scheme colors – enables your company to have visually recognizable content across all channels. We’re talking about everything from website design and social media posts to business cards and branded apparel.

When you pair branded content with a coordinated content strategy, your customers and followers will know when content comes from your company without even seeing your name. Why? People love patterns.

When you invest in branding your content, you’re creating language and image patterns that allow your customers to anticipate what they’ll see next, and to choose whether they want to engage with your content. When you define your target audience and have products that cater to your audience’s needs, you’ll begin to attract more and more of your ideal customers.

Branding your content isn’t the only step involved in attracting new customers, but it does help you gain more exposure, which bolsters your marketing funnel and leads to future sales.

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