Introducing the ABC Workshop Series

Introducing the ABC Workshop Series

We get a lot of questions (and have a lot of answers!) about digital marketing, but budget can also be a big factor when it comes to tackling projects. We want to be a resource for all businesses big and small, so we decided to launch the ABC Workshop Series specifically for businesses working with smaller budgets. Our ABC Workshops provide in-person, agency-level expertise to small businesses and local entrepreneurs through a series of small group workshops.

Our ABC Workshop Series is a happy hour event series that makes big topics in digital marketing understandable and practical. After every event, you’ll walk away with a completed project that you can use to help your business bloom and grow. You’ll also receive a workbook and other resources to be able to do it again on your own, and a percentage off future one-on-one consulting.

Digital Marketing Workshop San Diego | How to Set Up Google Ad Campaign

Our first event, Ads & Alcohol, focuses on creating and managing a Google Ads campaign to promote your business during peak times of the year. During the workshop, we’ll talk about everything from when and why Google Ads are important for businesses, to the structure and settings that fuel the campaigns.

We’re supporting local businesses not only through our ABC Workshop content, but also by hosting Ads & Alcohol at a local co-working space, Be+Well Encinitas. Support local businesses with us and learn digital marketing tips and tricks at Be+Well on Thursday, March 28 from 6-8pm. If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level over a glass (or two!) of wine, you can learn more about Ads & Alcohol and register for the workshop on our website:

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