Letter from the Founder: Birthday Questions

Letter from the Founder: Birthday Questions

The past year has certainly seen some high highs and low lows, as with most small businesses during coronavirus. In writing this blog post, I took a look at reflections from year one, and while there’s certainly been improvement and progress, it’s not quite the growth that this stubborn, entrepreneurial mind was expecting. The effects of coronavirus are far-reaching, but there has never been a better time to have a stable job, and for that I’m so grateful. I’m grateful for all of the clients that make this career choice possible, and who continue to thrive in spite of global chaos.

One of the things I picked up from working for other employers before starting Blüm Agency is the “Birthday Questions.” The Birthday Questions invite you to reflect on the past year and look ahead to envision what the future has to offer. While typically applied to human birthdays, there’s no better way to look back and set goals in business than with these same questions. Without further ado…

Q1: What’s one thing you learned this year?

I’ve learned so much, both personally and professionally, during the past year. Last year’s big learning lesson – the typo corrected from lesion, which is also accurate – was in setting boundaries. This year has been another opportunity to explore firmer boundaries with work, as well as to continue learning through the end of my MBA program. One of the greatest tools I learned in business was in a strategy class while completing my MBA. The business model canvas, a backbone of the marketing strategy sessions, has been hugely helpful in analyzing my own business as well as those of my clients.

Q2: What’s one of your favorite memories from the past year?

Blüm Agency ABC Workshops & E-Courses for Small Business Owners

As far as favorite memories go, it’s a difficult choice between receiving my master’s degree and wrapping up the last ABC Workshop from October 2019. Due to the anticlimactic experience of an online graduation ceremony, I’ll have to go with the last ABC Workshop. With over 30 attendees and lots of laughs, it was a night I’ll remember for a long time. There’s also a certain nostalgia for being in large groups that goes along with my “favorite memory” decision this year.

Q3: What are you looking forward to most in the upcoming year?

I’m looking forward to a sense of ease going into the third year of business. The panic that surrounds starting a business, delivering on client projects with perfection, and the pressure of having a sixty-minute-max response time is beginning to fade. The quality of work, however, will always stay the same. What once felt so overwhelming is now routine. I’m looking forward to resting, (hopefully!) taking a vacation after coronavirus ends, and always knowing that there will be more amazing entrepreneurs out there who want help transitioning online, building a presence, or revamping an old aesthetic.

And now, an announcement…

In response to the unrest, inequities, and general state of our community and world, I’ve decided to start making monthly contributions to various charities. Each month, I make a donation in the name of a client to the charity of their choice. I’m honored to be at a place in life and in business where I can afford to do so, and I’m excited about how this opportunity will give meaning to business and make an impact in my community.

As I said last year, cheers to another year in business!

Alexa Brachvogel, Owner and Founder

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