Letter from the Founder: Celebrating 1 Year

Letter from the Founder: Celebrating 1 Year

After officially one year in business, Blüm Agency is gaining momentum.

With a year of business operations under our belt, everything from sales and onboarding to design and delivery flow smoother than when we first started. There’s so much to celebrate after one year of business, and that’s not just because half of new businesses fail within their first five years…

Celebrating one year in business means so much more than working on a passion project for 12 months. It represents a year of full dedication to a brain-child formed by years of working for businesses that didn’t stand up for their employees, and wanting to create something better. It represents emphasizing creativity and flexibility over paychecks. Blüm Agency is built for people whose best work doesn’t always happen between 9am and 5pm, and who want to apply their creativity to digital marketing on their own schedules.

Some of the wins from our first year in business include:

  • Hiring an intern (shout-out to Mary!)
  • Working with 35+ local businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Creating and hosting workshops for small businesses
  • Meeting and networking with business owners around San Diego County
  • Getting a bartending license for our workshop series


Reflecting on the first year of business, it’s easy to think of the positives. But the negatives? Sometimes those are harder to talk about.

One of the biggest learning lessons from the first year in business is setting boundaries. Whether those boundaries are contractual as part of client projects or personal between work and life, it’s been increasingly important to be clear about boundaries. Being stretched in a few different directions while starting a business means less time to get everything done. After close friends mentioned that I wasn’t mentally present for our time together – distracted by answering emails during dinner or working through weekends where I promised beach days – I realized that I needed to create boundaries. By creating a routine and separation between work, family, and friends, I’ve started to enjoy all three more fully. Setting boundaries takes time to become a habit, but luckily I get to practice every day!

The first year of business has been a great one full of challenges and successes, and I can’t wait to see what year two brings. And now the final plug… If you’re a business owner who needs a hand with web design, SEO, paid media, or branding, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or schedule a free consultation.

Cheers to another year in business!

Alexa Brachvogel, Owner and Founder

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