Marketing Strategy Sessions for Entrepreneurs

Marketing Strategy Sessions for Entrepreneurs

The world is in constant flux these days, and that means being able to quickly address new changes with your marketing strategy. But with the speed of everything changing, it’s hard to keep your marketing strategy relevant and up to date! So where does this leave entrepreneurs? Often-frustrated, overwhelmed, and directionless.

With constant shifts in the world and in marketing trends, it can be difficult to define your marketing strategy as an entrepreneur. In response to COVID-19, we’re launching one-hour marketing strategy sessions to help business owners identify a marketing strategy that will work for their unique business. We’ll give you insight and direction to maximize your marketing channels and drive sales.

Your next questions might be…

1) What exactly do I get out of this?

  • Our immediate recommendations
  • Our ongoing, long-term recommendations & strategy
  • A visualization of your business model to use in your business plan or refer back to for future marketing campaigns


2) What does the format of the marketing strategy sessions look like?

Marketing strategy sessions start with a few questions. We dive into what you’re currently doing, what’s working, what’s not, and give a few immediate recommendations. Then we’ll ask pointed questions to decipher your business model and build out your strategy. With MBA-level expertise, our founder will walk you through the business model canvas and prompt you with questions to understand your business model. From there, you will receive marketing strategy recommendations and a visualization of your business model.

3) What is the business model canvas?

The business model canvas is a framework that helps you see how different pieces of your business are connected, and how one area might be negatively impacting another area. When you see your business mapped out, you can easily tell which pieces of your overall business strategy support your marketing and where you need to pivot your strategy. We tease out your business model, then analyze how your marketing strategy can be improved based on the larger context of your business and our world.

4) Will I be able to use this information in my business like… yesterday?

Marketing strategy sessions are designed to be implemented ASAP. We understand that right now everyone is carefully choosing where to spend their money, and we want to provide the most valuable, practical insights during our time together. You’ll receive a list of short-term recommendations, a list of ongoing or long-term recommendations, and a visualization of your business model.

We’re here to help provide clarity and direction with marketing strategy sessions, now and post-coronavirus.

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