Questions to Ask Your Web Designer

Questions to Ask Your Web Designer

When you ask your web designer these questions (in order!), you’ll understand how different companies’ pricing and timeline change depending on your requests or requirements. From there, it’s easier to understand your options and be able to choose the best fit for your web design project.

1. Explain Your Goals

The first thing you should ask your web designer isn’t really a question. But to make sure you’re on the same page for the rest of your conversation, it’s important to start with your business goals.

A good web designer or agency will understand which stage of business you’re at and be able to adapt their process, pricing and timeline depending on your needs. Your website is the basis for all of your digital marketing, but is only one step in a successful digital strategy. When you explain your goals for your business, your web design partner will understand how to design your site and be able to suggest next steps after launch.

Ask yourself…

  • Are you a startup looking for a website as soon as possible?
  • Are you a product-based business needing enhanced functionality in your online store?
  • Are you a service-based business looking to collect more leads online?
  • What are your business goals in the next 6 months? For the next year?

2. Their Process & Timeline

The second group of questions you should be asking your web designer are about their process and timeline. First of all, do they have one? If so, ask them to explain what it looks like.

Ask your web designer…

  • What steps are involved in a typical website design project?
  • How long does it take from our initial conversation until launch?
  • Are there checkpoints built in to the website design process to make sure everyone’s on the same page?

3. Cost

While the other questions about website design projects are important, cost is what everyone really wants to know. Although it’s tempting to ask about pricing as your first question – without explaining your goals or understanding their design process – you will have more options if you ask questions in order to understand why prices differ between agencies and freelancers. For example, someone with a process who can get your website launched in 3 weeks may be more expensive than a freelancer who will take six months to get it right. Pricing matters, but other factors may be more important.

Ask your web designer…

  • Based on what we’ve talked about so far, how much would a website like this cost?
  • Is there a typical price range for your web design projects?
  • Are there any other costs I need to consider? (Hosting, domain purchase, SSL certificate)

4. Revisions

While everyone wants to get it right the first time, you also want your digital presence to be perfect before launch. This is where revisions come in. Revisions are a huge part of any kind of design project, whether it’s branding and logo design or web design. They can also be time consuming depending on whether or not your web designer has a process. After clarifying goals, process, and pricing it’s time to ask questions about revisions.

Ask your web designer…

  • Are revisions included in the price? If so, how many?
  • If revisions are extra, how do you charge? Hourly, new scope?

5. Off-boarding & Support

The last group of questions to ask your web designer is about off-boarding and ongoing support. If you’re seeking the help of an expert for a web design project, you will likely need some kind of support in the future. By asking questions about whether support, training, and revisions are included in the pricing, you’ll understand who you’re dealing with and what your website will cost in the long term, as opposed to just the initial investment.

Ask your web designer…

  • Will you be available to answer questions after the website is launched?
  • Is there a final walkthrough or training included in the pricing?
  • What if something goes wrong after launch, will you charge for monthly support or fixes?
  • Is support included in the pricing?


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