Social Distancing & Digital Marketing: A Match Made by Coronavirus

Social Distancing & Digital Marketing: A Match Made by Coronavirus

Social distancing and digital marketing go hand in hand. If you’re a small business owner practicing social distancing, coronavirus has likely had a large impact on your business revenue streams. With physical storefronts closing to keep customers safe, having an online presence is more important now than ever. Making a shift towards digital marketing can increase your top-of-mind awareness, keep customers engaged, and funnel traffic towards your website while waiting out coronavirus.

Are you social distancing due to coronavirus (COVID-19)? If so, thank you for keeping public health and safety top of mind! Here are our top tips for investing in digital marketing during coronavirus.

1) Learn something new with ABC E-Courses.

Now that you’ll be living in your yoga pants in front of one screen or another, it’s a great time to learn something new. If you’re feeling bored one afternoon, we offer pay-what-you-want ABC E-Courses to learn the basics of digital marketing without breaking the bank. Courses start at $1 and cover everything you want to know about email marketing, blogging for SEO, and Google Ads setup.

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2) Offer discounts and flash sales.

Do you have an active customer base on Instagram or Facebook? Keep them engaged with digital marketing by offering 24-hour-only sales (while supplies last!). While everyone is scrolling social media for endless hours, stand out from the crowd with Instagram Live sales, digital scavenger hunts, and unique discount codes.

3) Send the email newsletter you’ve been planning for months.

Remember the email addresses you’ve been collecting on your website? Put them to use. People sign up to get news from you for a reason, so use a free tool like Mailchimp to keep your subscribers and customers up to date on your latest offerings. If you’re taking advantage of sales on social media, make sure your email list knows about them too! You don’t have to brainstorm twice – use the same idea across all of your channels and adapt the length and depth of your writing to your character limit.

4) It’s time for an SEO Audit.

More time at home means more time to write. Whether you’re starting to blog for the first time or getting back to your keyboard, make sure you’re using writing time intentionally. When you write with a specific keyword in mind, making sure your blog posts are SEO-optimized before posting, you begin to rank higher in search results over time. Use this social distancing time to stockpile a few blog posts to publish over the course of the next few months.

The next question is, “How do I know which keywords to use?” This is where an SEO audit comes in. From an affordable package (quick look at your website structure and current SEO gaps) to a full audit (competitor keyword research, SEO optimized blog post template), you get keyword research and recommendations to fuel your blogging frenzy. Get ready to write!

5) Don’t have a website? Now’s the time.

Local and global business has slowed down significantly in the wake of coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your momentum. Digital marketing is flexible and perfectly suited to social distancing because all marketing directs back to your website. Send your customers to your website instead of your physical storefront, and bolster sales during coronavirus. While competitors are grinding to a halt, you can speed ahead by building a well-designed, SEO-optimized website to use now and in the future. By investing in a website now, you’ll be ahead of competition when we exit this global slump. We’re here if you want some help!

While social distancing and coronavirus are in full effect, we’re offering 20% off all digital marketing services to small businesses. The best part? We’ll touch base over the phone, emails, and screen-shares so you never have to leave your house.

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