Welcome, ABC E-Courses

Welcome, ABC E-Courses

Welcome, ABC E-Courses! After our ABC Workshops throughout the course of 2019, we launched our ABC E-Courses to make the information and experience accessible any time.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Google Ads, SEO, or email marketing, but didn’t know where to start? All ABC E-Courses come with information in presentation format on each subject area, as well as an optional webinar to get your business-specific questions answered. And speaking of questions, here are a few FAQs about our new e-courses…

Q: What exactly is an e-course?

A: An e-course is like a normal class or workshop, but online! Our ABC E-Courses cover the basics of Google Ads, blogging for SEO, and email marketing campaigns. They give you the information you need for benchmarking and measuring your success, and they guide you through how to complete either a Google Ad campaign, a blog post, or an email marketing campaign.

Our e-courses are formatted like presentations, so you can move from one slide to the next (and back again!) if you need to revisit the material. We include video tutorials in each of our e-courses so that you can stop and start to follow along, as well as a Q&A webinar to answer final questions and get feedback. After you choose a time to join an optional webinar, you get immediate access to the e-course of your choice.

Q: Why would I choose an e-course over doing my own research online?

A: We’ll be the first to tell you that doing your own research this is always an option! The benefits of ABC E-Courses are that…

  1. We’ve done the research
  2. We have time-tested approaches in a variety of industries
  3. We can break down the info into manageable steps, and
  4. We’re always here to answer questions.


Doing research on the internet is like drinking from a firehose. Taking an ABC E-course is like drinking a glass of filtered water. You’re not thirsty at the end of either experience, but without agency tips and tricks, how likely are you to follow through on everything you learned? Will you get overwhelmed along the way?

Q: Will you still be hosting in-person workshops?

A: Yes! We don’t have any more in-person workshops coming up in 2019, but you can subscribe to our email newsletter to be the first to know about 2020 workshop announcements. In the meantime, check out our ABC E-Courses below to get the info you need and have your questions answered over webinar!

Q: How are the e-courses different from in-person events?

A: If you’ve been to our in-person workshops, you know that the structure of the workshop starts with an overview of the slides and then detailed one-on-one feedback on your work during the event. If you missed our in-person workshops, you don’t have to miss out on the information! The content in our e-courses is the same as the information from our in-person workshops, but you can access it anywhere, any time. Whether you’re ready to learn during normal working hours or from 1am to 3am, you have options with our new ABC E-Courses.

Q: Why do I have to book a time to get access to the e-courses?

A: The optional webinar for Q&A is part of the value of our ABC E-courses. By choosing an optional date to join a webinar, you also purchase the e-course. Access to your e-course comes in a confirmation email immediately after your purchase.

And for making it this far in our blog post, use the code BLUMBLOG10 to take 10% off the e-course of your choice!

Ready to learn? Choose a date for an optional webinar and get immediate e-course access.