Why Work with Blüm Agency?

Why Work with Blüm Agency?

What is Blüm Agency?

Blüm Agency is a digital marketing and creative agency specializing in digital media. We partner with brands to take them to the next level, at price points all companies can afford. We help brands bloom.

How is Blüm Agency different from other marketing agencies and consultants?

Blüm Agency is a business made by and for the new creative workforce, dedicated to growing small-to-medium sized brands. We attract top talent by offering flexibility and project-based commission. We also give creative professionals the backing of a brand and the flexibility of freelancing, while working with a remote team and an internal referral network. We have big plans to help small- and medium-sized businesses all over the world.

Small-and-medium-sized businesses often don't have the resources for a full-time, in-house team.

Why choose Blüm over contracting individual freelancers?

The difference between hiring Blüm and an individual freelancer lies in our access to the multi-faceted expertise of our talent, and in our processes that streamline work from idea to final deliverable. Every project has the input of creatives with backgrounds in various aspects of business, so you have the benefit of a team without paying premium prices. Blüm Agency exists as a resource for businesses with needs in the creative and digital realms, and every team member is vetted through our professional networks. We know from previous work experience that we’re all capable of what we claim, and confident in each others’ deliverables.

You’re also supporting something larger. Blüm Agency was built by women to empower each other and shape the next generation of brands.

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