Paid Media

Paid media is a traffic-driving activity that’s… well, paid. We talk about the difference between earned media and paid media here. But as far as paid media goes, you may be more familiar with the term advertising. After your website has launched, one of the ways to get new people to learn about your products or services is by paying for traffic to your website. We work with Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads.

  • Google Ad Campaign

  • $350/campaign
    • Campaign setup (1 campaign, 3 ad groups, 9 ads)
    • Monitor performance and optimize weekly
    • Performance recap at end of month
    • Ongoing monitoring & optimization at $100/month

  • Facebook / Instagram Ad Campaign

  • $350/campaign
    • Campaign setup, copy and asset creation
    • Targeted by demographics, location, interests
    • Performance recap at end of month
    • Ongoing monitoring & optimization at $100/month

Discounts may be available depending on project scope. Pricing is subject to increase, so reach out today to secure the lowest rate. Pricing last updated July 2021.

Not Quite Ready for a Campaign?

If a campaign is out of your budget, we still have resources for you! Our Google Ads e-course teaches you how to create your own campaign.

Google Ads E-Course



Blüm Agency’s ABC E-Courses cover the basics of digital marketing for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Our Google Ads E-Course is an online course full of information and resources about creating a Google Ad campaign, delivered to your email in PDF format.

This Google Ads E-Course covers:

  • How to build & evaluate Google Ads campaigns
  • How to do industry and competitor keyword research
  • Tools to manage & optimize your campaigns

Ready to get started?