SEO Audits

Our Approach to SEO

No matter how many people you talk to, every SEO expert will have a slightly different approach. This is because Google’s algorithm is proprietary. So while Google reveals some tactics that help businesses rank in the top page of search results, they don’t explain everything. Experts can see which tactics perform best over time for search rankings and make recommendations based on what they’ve seen work for others.

This brings us to our approach. SEO has two main components: technical optimizations and content optimizations. We take a hybrid approach and make recommendations for each component, so that your technical and content optimizations work together.

  • Mini SEO Audit

  • $400/audit
    • Basic keyword research & UX recommendations
    • Top 5 blog recommendations
    • Final report & deliverable walkthrough
    • Perfect for if you’re comfortable updating your own website!

  • Full SEO Audit

  • $850/audit
    • In-depth keyword research & UX recommendations
    • Top 10 blog recommendations & 1 SEO-optimized blog post
    • Final report & deliverable walkthrough
    • Perfect for thorough insight & easy implementation!

Discounts may be available depending on project scope. Pricing is subject to increase, so reach out today to secure the lowest rate. Pricing last updated July 2021.

Not Quite Ready for an Audit?

We hear you. Here’s the next best thing to learn more about SEO and start optimizing your website.

Blogging for SEO E-Course



Blüm Agency’s ABC E-Courses cover the basics of digital marketing for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Our Blogging for SEO E-Course is an online course full of information and resources for writing an SEO-optimized blog post, delivered to your email in PDF format.

This Blogging for SEO E-Course covers:

  • How to increase your visibility and drive free, earned traffic to your website
  • Learn the basics of search engine optimization, plus tools to do it yourself

Want to get started with an SEO audit?