Website Design Case Studies

How do you know if a new website will generate results?

A new website is an investment, so having stats to back up your decision is validating. When it comes to a new website and branding updates, there are always  intangible benefits that improve brand awareness and engagement. But this is about the tangible benefits.

What you want to see is improvement in all metrics over time. You especially want to take a look at organic search results, including…

Increasing Website Traffic

(More people come to your website from Google search results)

Decreasing Bounce Rate & Increasing Session Duration

(More people stay on your website for longer)

Increasing Number of Referral Links

(More people link back to valuable content)

I loved working with Alexa on my website. She made the process painless by walking me through the steps beforehand, answering all of my questions quickly, and completing the project almost as soon as I got my materials to her! She made sure she knew exactly the kind of look I was going for and delivered a website that far exceeded my expectations! I will definitely be working with Alexa for all of my website and marketing needs from now on!


Website Case Studies

(First 6 Months After Launch)

View web design stats & case studies from three very different businesses: an e-commerce business, a service provider, and a licensed therapist. No matter what type of business you own, a new website can get you results. The examples below are from real clients, who experienced improvements within 6 months of their new website launch.

E-Commerce Website Case Study

  • Organic Traffic

  • Referral Traffic

  • Pages per Session

  • Bounce Rate

We designed a new website that flows intuitively from the homepage through purchase, emphasizes products, enhances navigation, and creates product categories to incentivize conversion.

112.90% increase in organic traffic

95.83% increase in referral traffic

51.36% decrease in bounce rate

25% increase in pages visited per session

Service Provider Website Case Study

  • Referral Traffic

  • Organic Traffic

  • Session Duration

We designed a new website that improves navigation, reflects current design trends with existing branding, and emphasizes new projects with multiple filters for SEO.


337.21% increase in referral traffic


141.67% increase in organic traffic


22.27% increase in session duration

Licensed Therapist Website Case Study

  • Organic Traffic

  • % of Website Traffic from Organic Search

We designed a website that prioritizes specialty services, links between relevant resources, and emphasizes new branding to differentiate the practice from competitors in the space.

368.14% increase in organic traffic

76.7% of all website traffic from organic search

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